7 Swimming Pool Tips: Keep Your Pool Clean

Without proper pool maintenance, swimming isn’t easy. Your pool depends on regular maintenance services to keep the water free of dirt, germs, algae and debris. Keep the 7 tips below in mind to ensure your swimming pool is always in good condition and ready to accommodate your outdoor water fun.

1- Check Pool Chemistry

Check pool chemistry at least once each week during the summer. Some pools need checked twice per week.  Maintain a pH balance between 7.2 -7.8.

2- Use an Automatic Pool Cleaner

Many pool owners depend on automatic pool cleaners pittsburgh to ease the amount of work required to clean the pool. It saves time and effort and ensures that the pool is in good condition at all times.

3- Clean Out the Skimmer Basket

Each week, clean out the skimmer basket that is installed on the side of the pool. The skimmer accumulates debris and contaminants that would otherwise get saturated in the pool and fall to the bottom.

4- Clean the Lint Pot

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The lint pot should be cleaned twice each month or more often if need be. Turn off the pool pump before you try to clean the lint pot to prevent danger.  Cleaning out the basket releases pressure on the pool system.

5- Check the Water Level

Check the water level on a regular basis. Optimal water level is in the center of the pool skimmer. Check the water level often and keep it consistent for better swimming and less maintenance needs.

6- Check Chlorinator

Check and clean the chlorinator on a regular basis. Clogging and loading are possible if the chlorinator is not properly cleaned. The frequency of cleanings depends on the style and its features.

7-Hire a Pool Professional

Pool professionals take care of the tasks necessary to keep your pool at its best. Make sure you hire a professional to maintain the pool to minimize the amount of work you must do and to keep the pool at its best.