shutter magnets

Quick Online Demos On Putting Shutters Up

Here is a quick demonstration of what it takes to put up shutters and blinds on the window. Depending on the enterprise, the list of tools and components needed for this assignment may well include shutter magnets.

Here you are installing mounting brackets. When installing these brackets, you need to bear in mind that the mounting bracket should not ‘be completely flush with the window’. Let’s just say that a window of at least one-eighth of an inch needs to be behind the bracket to allow for the installation.

A drill is used to fasten the bracket. Once the mounting brackets are installed they need to be balanced on each side of a cassette. The wider a shade is going to be; the more brackets will be used. And these brackets need to be spaced equally apart.

When installing the shade, the back of the cassette needs to be hooked to the bottom of the mounting brackets. After that, the top of the cassette is pushed into the top of the mounting brackets until they click into place. All mounting brackets need to be secured onto the shade.

A chain tensioner still needs to be installed, but this will not be applicable for cordless shades. The rubber band from the chain lift first needs to be unwrapped. Then the chain needs to be extended to its maximum length. The drill is used to fasten the tensioner to the side of the window casing. If not enough space is available for the chain tensioner inside the window casing, it can still be mounted to the wall.  

shutter magnets

Just enough slack needs to be left so that the chain can slide through easily. Further online demos are available for alternate installations and these are also detailed.