lawn pest control atco nj

Why The Lawn Really Turned Yellow And Dry

lawn pest control atco nj

Those who live in areas where summers are fairly warm dread these months, while others look forward to it. Other folks have had to put up with soggy, wet, and sometimes cold, snowy winters. And because of the generous amount of precipitation their gardens and lawns are generally fertile and green come spring and summer. But those in the hotspots despair at the state of their lawns, little knowing about the real reason why lawn pest control atco nj units are raiding the residential neighborhoods. 

And because of the perception that the lawns are extremely thirsty as a result of looking so dry, as dry as straw in extreme cases, almost to the point of burning, there is this tendency to overwater. Not only is this a lawn killer, its food for the pest. And being the hardy creatures that they are, they’re very thirsty. Once lawn pest control units have sprayed the lawn, they will be thirsty no more.

And do not be surprised to find that after a few weeks, shoots of green blades of grass will be coming up again. Only as long as you don’t go back to overwatering the lawn. You don’t need to. Depending on the flora species, grass is quite hardy and can survive on little water. But they do not have the strength to ward off the pests. Because that is what is really happening. That’s why the grass turns dry and dead in the first place.

The pests are feeding off the lawn’s vital nutrients. A once-over spray will not be enough. The pest control unit will be proposing pest control schedules for the duration of the year. And there is no overkill because this is not something that has to be done often.