chimney sweep maryland

Yes, The Chimney Sweep Is Still Around

chimney sweep maryland

You would have to go back at least one hundred and fifty years, right back before the time of the first Industrial Revolution, to appreciate the ancient practice of sweeping out the chimney. In fact, the chimney sweep maryland rituals could have made its earliest appearances from the time those first brick and clay houses and buildings were constructed in one of the country’s oldest states. That’s how long ago it would have been.

And the work of the chimney sweep back then was more regular and necessary than it may appear to be today. Because back then, you didn’t have electricity. Fires had to be heated not just for keeping hearth and kin warm but for cooking food and other daily household tasks that required heated water. The chimney or fireplace was necessary. There had to be an outlet through which smoke emanating from the fires generated could escape.

You can only imagine what it could have been like indoors otherwise. Thanks to the regular, daily use of these fireplaces, a lot of soot accumulated, and it had to be cleaned out regularly. Leaving accumulated soot in the chimney would have presented health hazards, not that the folks back then were enjoying perceived healthier conditions as many readers here would be enjoying. Most readers here may already be the proud owners of a free-standing home.

And most free-standing houses will still have a chimney. And of course, most folks would not be seen climbing into and on top of their chimney to clean it out. So of course, the old chimney sweep is still going to be around. But these days, he’s doing a whole lot of other things besides. Like fixing cracked tiles inside and outside of the chimney.